Sunscreen You Can Drink
It's summertime which means it's time to lather up in sunscreen in hopes of not getting burned. The spray version feels sticky and the lotion can feel like a thick film on your skin. What if there was an easier way for you to get sun protection? What if all you had to do was drink it?
Are Tattoo’s At The Beach A Turn-Off? [POLL]
Last week I was away in Virginia Beach on vacation. While enjoying some much needed relaxation and swimming in the 78 degree ocean, one of the many things to do at the beach are watching the hot chicks as they walk past my beach chair. This year, I noticed many of these fine ladies in bikini's had …
Nude Beaches Sexy or Wrong? [POLL]
Now that summer has unofficially started, what are your thoughts on nude beaches? Imagine heading to the shore when your favorite beach spot has been roped off for nudists? Do you join them or get disgusted and find a new place to place to bathe?