Women Trapped In Bathroom For Over 8 Hours
I've been in a similar situation, but it was as a result from a bean burrito and not the neglect of a janitor. Karen Perrin of Washington D.C. stayed late at work on a Friday night only to get mistakenly trapped
Americans Shop While On The Toilet
As Black Friday and the holiday shopping season approachs, some will deal with the crowds while other will... shop from their porcelain thrown. A new study says more Americans are shopping from the toilet these days.
Kentucky Woman Gets Glued to Toilet Seat at Walmart
I refuse to use public bathrooms. Unless it's an emergency or for a female reason I stay away. I do not want to get crabs that came from someone elses who-ha or just simply sit on a dirty seat that probably has no toilet paper to begin with. Nature called for one Kentucky woman while she was at Walm…
Guitar Pee Urinal [VIDEO]
Coming soon to a mens room near you.. It's gives new meaning to "rock out with you cock out"! A Brazilian company has created Guitar Pee. Now bar patrons can play a tune in the urinal with their pee. The guitar starts to scream when urine is detected on any of the strings...

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