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Man Beaten To Near Death Over Loud Music
It's summertime! The windows are down in the car or even opened at your house. So when you are cranking Q103, you need to be careful a bit about how loud you take it to - or at least this guy would tell you that should.
You Are Not The Father, Collect $40k
We've heard it so many times on Maury - "You are the father." But what about a time when it comes to hearing "You are NOT the father"?
One man pondered that question in concerns of "his kids" when he divorced his wife. After taking a DNA test…
Woman Tries To Kill Husband – With Poison On Her Privates
Foreigners, ah the folks that make my job as a radio DJ almost easy. Each day I am tasked with finding interesting things to talk about on air in order to "entertain" or in some cases, just make myself look like a complete @$$.
Today I found a gold mine from Brazil where a woman attempted t…
Best Breakup Song Ever Written by Couple Who Just Broke Up
Jonathan Mann has written a song a day every day for almost 1,300 days. Seriously. A lot of them are very silly, but he and his girlfriend broke up yesterday, and they did a song about that. It is maybe the best breakup song ever written, because of its sincerity, maturity and plea for friends to st…
Why Moms Rock: Mending a Broken Heart
Mothers Day is coming up and my mom is my best friend and my biggest supportive figure in my life. She's done so much for me throughout my life, and put up with some of my stupid antics. She's Super Mom in every form.