Bacon or Oral Sex: Which Could You Live Without? [POLL]
It seems as though the greasy breakfast staple that we've all grown to love, and love and love is as big as ever. There are signs everywhere showing our passion for bacon: 'Keep Calm and Eat Bacon' is just one floating around here. Hello, there's even the Bacon Brothers (I know that's their last nam…
$235 Bacon Sandwich Now On Sale
Bacon! What does it no go with?
We've seen it on burgers, deep fried at fairs, used as a taco shell, and even sold as a fragrance. Its not like it's the most expensive beef product out there, but to those who love it - might as well consider it gold.
One restaurant took just that idea - gold…
Bacon Shortage? Say It Ain’t So!
It's true - there is a bacon shortage on the way at least in England where they are already facing a shortage of pork due to a dry summer and a lack of grains to use for feed. Will this problem reach us in the United States?
Sizzling Hot Girls Wrestle at the 2012 Bacon Cup
Portlandia has endeared the nation, nay, the world to the weird charm of Stumptown aka Rose City. Many might not know the area is actually a strip club haven – with exotic dancers that are more akin to SuicideGirls than Hooters waitresses. If you need further reason why Portland should be your next …
The Bacon Milkshake Debuts
The question is, what can't you combine bacon with?  If you are a fan of milkshakes and bacon, and chances are you love both, you can now get a milkshake that tastes like bacon.

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