No Thank You Meatless Monday
It's World Meat Free Day a day when people expect us not to feast on the flesh of beasts with our Man & Lady Teeth, so I am here to remind you what you are missing out on.
Teen Bathes In Pigs Blood (Video)
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they talked about a teenage girl who bathes in pigs blood to preserve her youth. I wonder, if Carrie knew about this, would she still flip out at the prom?
This One Time Brian Williams And I…..
This one time when Brian Williams and I were hanging out and I told him that I had to go to Everydays. I got a tip that some Canadian Bob guy was going to invade their Comedy Open Mic Night. So Brian called the news room and shouted "It's happening again!"
Wake And Bacon With Your Phone
There's a new app for your smartphone, and it involves bacon. Oscar Mayer (whom I just found out has an Advancement of Bacon Institute) has an app out for your smartphone. It's an alarm clock that sounds like bacon sizzling.
Now you may be saying, that alone is not enough to warrant a downl…

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