Go Backstage With Filter & Q103 [VIDEO]
Filter was in town and Q103 had the hook up for a few lucky “Rock-A-Holics” to go backstage and meet the band. Check out the pictures of the show and exclusive footage from the Q103 meet and Greet with Filter.
Metallica Backstage At Yankee Stadium and More [VIDEO]
Some awesome footage of Metallica from their 'Big Four' gig at Yankee Stadium has finally been released.  In this 27 minute clip you get a look at the band backstage warming for the show and you get to see them at their meet n greet with fans as well...
Q103 Backstage at Q-Ruption – The Interviews [VIDEO]
Before the artists took the stage to tear it up at Q-Ruption they made a pit stop to our backstage Q103 studio at SPACto sit down and chat with Mrozek and hang out a little before the big show.  After the jump check out some great interviews from Skillet, The Sick Puppies and Sully Erna of Gods…
Free Beer & Hot Wings Listener Meet and Greet Photos
Were you at the Free Beer and Hot Wing's Broadcast at the Saratoga Racecourse? If you met the guys we have the photos here. It was nice to see the show spend a few minutes talking to each and ever fan - they had a great time meetin all of you. Thanks for coming out! Gallery after the jump.
Backstage With In This Moment [Video]
Jeremy Lafrentz of Backstage Entertainment interviews guitarist Chris Howorth and vocalist Maria Brink of In This Moment during the Music As A Weapon V Tours stop in Des Moines, IA. The Music As A Weapon Tour V is in town at the Glens Falls Civic Center this Sunday January 23.