back to the future

Dan America & DJ Supreme are debating for America (Videos)
Dan America & DJ Supreme debate the issues, facing American culture today.
Is "Star Wars" racist?
"Back to the Future" day?
These are just 2 of the issues, that Dan America & DJ Supreme debate, with special guest Levack.
That's not all!
Welcome to the Future (Video)
It's 10/21/2015 and nothing looks like what Back to the Future promised, but thats no reason, not to celebrate one of the greatest trilogies of all time, but don't take it from me, I am not a Doctor, but Doc Brown is.
The man has a point, but that does not seem to be enough for some people, because e…
It’s Thrift Shop Day!
If you have never gone thrifting, then you don't know what you're missing, because you never know what kind of gem you will find at a Thrift Shop.
Top Ten Time Travel Movies
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they guys went over a list of the 'best time travel movies of all time.' Back To The Future took the number 1 spot and it is no surprise, I agree with that. I do not agree with the rest of the list that they went over th…

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