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Avril Lavigne Scores Marilyn Manson Guest Spot for New Album
Last summer, there were rumors that Avril Lavigne and Marilyn Manson were dating. Those rumors were humorously thwarted by Manson and the world soon found out that it was Nickelback's Chad Kroeger and not Manson that the pop singer had her eyes on. However, there was something to that pair…
Avril Lavigne Strips Down [VIDEO]
Avril Lavigne has always been a cutie, but in her new music video she has blossomed into a full blown hottie.  Not sure why she has stripped down, but we sure do like it.
Avril Lavigne Lashes Out At Rays Fans
Over the weekend the Tampa Bay Rays welcomed in cute little Avril Lavigne to perform at their summer concert series, too bad they didn't realize what a foul mouthed girl she actually is.