Check Out ‘The Avengers’ Gag Reel
'The Avengers' was one of the biggest super hero movies of all time. Obviously a movie with that much action must be a bit tense, so it's only natural for the actors to be goofy, especially with some of the cast being goofy to begin with.
Weekend Box Office Report: ‘The Avengers’ Smashes Records
We knew it was going to make a lot of money. We knew there was a possibility that it would break box office records. What we didn’t know was that ‘The Avengers’ wasn’t just going to break the record for biggest box office opening of all time — it was going to smash it. Obliterate it. Pulverize it. T…
Who Is The Most Badass Avenger? [POLL]
'Avengers' assembled into theaters across America this weekend, and the crowds are loving it.  The only thing better then watching an action packed movie, is a nice healthy debate.
See an Amazing Working Iron Man Suit in Action
Thanks to comic book superfan and fitness instructor Anthony Le, all of our geeky cosplay dreams have just come true with this spectacular Iron Man suit complete with moving parts. We want it!! How can we get one?
13 Signs You’re Way Too Into ‘Marvel’s Avengers’
It’s safe to say that Marvel’s ‘The Avengers‘ will explode the minds of every comic book geek who ever walked the planet when it hits theaters on May 4th. Not only is it going to rake in a ton of money, but it’s bound to make the receipts for ‘The Hunger Games’ and the last ‘Twilight’ movie look lik…

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