Moose Attacks Snowmobiler [VIDEO]
After watching this video I have determined that these people 100% deserved to get attacked by this moose. These two snowmobilers are displaying all the classic signs of potential moose attack bait.
Shark vs. World’s Most Manliest Doctor
James Grant is a medical student in New Zealand. While on his down time, James enjoys spear-fishing and hitting up the local pub with his friends. James won't let sharks interfere with his past times.
Recently while out spear-fishing James thought he was a victim to a juvenile prank when he…
Woman’s Arms Eaten By a Pit bull
A Connecticut woman was found under a car in her driveway after a vicious attack by her  pit bull. The 65-year-old woman named Anne Murray was missing all of her one arm and from the elbow down on her other arm. Any remains of the arms have been not found.
Man In Norfolk, England Gets Attacked By Oompa Loompas
Cop: what did the men look like? Man: well they were short and had green hair and faces painted orange! Cop: so you were assaulted by Oompa Loompas? Man: yes! This is a hypothetical conversation that could've arose when the victim of a random attack was being questioned by authorities.

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