Watervliet Man’s Penis Attacked by Cat
Below is an anonymous email received by Q103. Can we help him out? 
Help! My Cat Attacked My Penis!
I'm not even embarrassed about it. I'm just in a lot of pain.
It's almost like catching your finger on a rose thorn but instead of the rose thorn it's four baby daggers and …
Don’t Mess With DANZIG! (Video)
Glenn Danzig does not like to be photographed, see what happens when a photographer does not take that fact seriously and learns the hard way, that you don't mess with Danzig!
Bong Used As Weapon In Saratoga Fight
No one know's why, but one 17 year-old from Saratoga attacked another teen, with a tall glass water pipe. The victim was taken to the hospital to treat severe lacerations to the head and face, what with all the shattered glass from the weapon...

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