Design Artwork for Seether Merchandise
Are you a fan of Seether and can color between the lines? Seether is looking for you to help design the artwork for the band's official tour merchandise. The artwork must be inspired by their most recent music and will be sold on their upcoming 2012 tour. Should you be selected you could win so…
10 Questions With Local Solo Artist Frank Palangi
Earlier this week, I reviewed newest local artist Frank Palangi's debut EP, which was released on August 31. The soloist hails from Queensbury, and has been blowing up the local rock scene with his talent, personality and good looks. I have heard nothing but good things about him and expect nothing …
Do You Recognize This Celebrity?
Yesterday People Magazine put up a photo of an artist from the 1990's that use to have a trademark look.  Now though, it looks like she doesn't care what she looks like.  Do you recognize who it is?  It will be revealed after the jump.
Rocks Most Influential Artists
It is a debate that rages on with no definitive answer, but there has to be one most influential artist of all time.  One that spans across all genres to inspire all.