Arrested: When you Collect $70,000 in Welfare but Drive a BMW
As reported by the Times Union, a Latham man was arrested for collecting over $70,000 in welfare.  The problem being, he apparently was driving a BMW and a Mercedes-Benz too.  No judgement on anyone who collects welfare and drives a car, but talk about something that doesn't real…
Albany Underage Alcohol Sting Arrests 19
Three 20 year olds were sent out to multiple stores to see who would sell them alcohol. The sting included Albany, Guilderland and Cohoes. YNN reports that this totaled for 19 arrests in which each received 2 misdemeanors.
4 Arrests And 4 Officers Injured in Saratoga Scuffle
Sunday at 3:51 am at Club Shadow on Caroline St. in Saratoga Springs is where an altercation started with some 40-50 people that began with a beer bottle being thrown and followed with a dozen plus fights that lead out onto Caroline St. causing 4 arrests and 4 officers to be injured.