Helicopter Bottle Opener [VIDEO]
China has seriously just raised the bar in the bottle opening game. “oh what’s that bro, you opened your beer with your flip flop? That’s cute because my home boy in china here is popping tops with his chopper left and right.
Chinese Soliders Play Hot Potato With Live Grenade [VIDEO]
Want more proof that they are absolutely crazy in China?  Well then here you go.  These soldiers literally take a live grenade and pass it around like a drunk girl at a frat house.  Perhaps they have decided to take Russian roulette and kick it up a notch?  Not sure why you would ever pass around a …
Last WWI American Vet Dies At 110
Frank Buckles, who was the last known surviving veteran from World War I, died yesterday from natural causes at the age of 110. His age isn't the most shocking thing though. The fact that he lied about his age to enlist in the Army at the age of 16 is what's incredible.