Kings of Chaos Rock, as Luke Holland Plays his Last Show
For those who are drumming fans in the rock scene, you may have heard of Luke Holland.  A young but well known DW drummer, he not just plays with his current band The Word Alive, but also has worked on a multitude of side projects, been highlighted with drumming at the Alt Press Music Awards, a…
Free Burritos For Any One With Bloody Diarrhea
This sounds like a perfectly appealing deal. Everyone knows if you get terrible explosive bloody diarrhea from some bad Mexican food the only thing that will fix it is more Mexican food! After a bad outbreak of what is said to be E. coli bacteria in Arizona one Mexican restaurant is offering up this…
Arizona Being Invaded by UFO’s? [VIDEO]
The South West has long been the target of supposed alien invasion, but some new footage has just popped up online of what looks like UFO's circling over a high school football game in Arizona.  Real or fake?

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