On this episode of The Generation X Files, Rock Girl Tatiana and Rodney B. More go head to head with me Dan America as I define and attack the IMMA BE / WANNA BE/ LOOK AT ME / Millennials.
The Customer Is Always Right [VIDEO]
On the "Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show," the guys talked about the crazy lady that dropkicked a birthday cake at a grocery store because she did not like how it looked, if you have worked in retail or food services you must have dealt with something like this before.
Great Debaters Debating (Videos)
This morning on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show there was a heated debate with 2 callers, things cooled down, but the segment gave me an excuse to mention the Great Debaters, DJ Supreme and me!
Is Caitlyn Jenner A Hero? (Video)
Recently I returned to the set of 'Great Debaters' to have a little debate with DJ Supreme of Hot 99.1 and local Comedian Jaye McBride, our topic this time was "Is Caitlyn Jenner A Hero?"