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Adobe Ends Flash for New Mobile Devices – Tech Thursday
Adobe said they would do it, and it has been done. Flash, a programming language that can allow websites to show videos and let you play games in your web browser, has been pulled for mobile devices from the Google Play store. They have also updated their page on the Google Play letting users know a…
Tech Thursday – Smartphones Take Back-Seat To Tablets
When Apple unveiled the iPod it was a huge hit. Challengers to it never came close. When Apple brought out the iPhone, it was a huge success and made current phones on the market look like toys. Then the iPad came to be and many companies are playing catchup again. Can Google's Honeycomb OS giv…
Dial Your Phone with Your Gloves On
I saw that Brian posted an article about an app on the iTunes store that lets you dial with your nose. Yeah, while I commend the app's creator for being smart and trying to solve a problem, he has opened up others. Like snot and boogers. Here's an alternative.