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Howard Stern Becomes TV Talent Judge
Howard Stern, the king of all media just tweeted from his show this morning  " It's official - Howard just signed on the dotted line - he is now the newest judge on America's Got Talent".  Stern now comes full circle back to WNNNNNNBC except now its on TV not ra…
America’s Got Talent – And Some Of It’s Wonderous [VIDEO]
This lady will blow you away! I have never seen someone filled with so much nervous energy, and yet so talented at the same time. Really, this one might make your eyes water a bit. It's so unbelievable to hear this incredibly big and beautiful voice come out of this little woman.
Group From Lake George Auditions for America’s Got Talent [VIDEO]
They call themselves 'Triple Threat', they perform at a theme park in Lake George, I would have to assume "The Great Escape" and last night they were on America's Got Talent.  Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel travel across America searching for talent in a reality based show …
Do You Believe In Magic?
Check out this video from America's Got Talent and tell me you aren't amazed by this magic trick.  Amazing doesn't even describe it.  I have to learn how this is done.