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Jake & Louie Meet Flounder (Video)
When Jake & Louie visited Q103 the 3 of us had all sorts of fun, including a meet and greet with everyone's favorite Flounder, we were supposed to be getting advice on how to break into radio, but this happened instead.
Victory! We Beat Eric Zane!
Congratulations to Tracy! For beating Eric Zane in "Dumber then Zane Trivia" and winning $500 dollars! She had me a little worried there, but what a awesome come back! Give yourself a pat on the back or take a "i Just beat Eric Zane Selfie." That was so much fun I see we beat Eri…
Capital Region Woman To Beat Eric Zane
Capital Region! We Have a local taking on Eric Zane tomorrow on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show. It's time to RALLY! Listen to Q103 tomorrow morning and help cheer on Tracy as she plays "Dumber then Zane Trivia."
Tech Tuesday – Albany NanoCollege to Produce New Type of Chip
According to a story on the Times Union website, the Albany College of Nanscale Science and Engineering has announced a $10 Million Dollar deal with west coast based company APIC Corp, to produce new integrated circuits and chips that use photons, instead of electrons to do the computations a micro …