Snakes On A Plane Delays Flight Over Night
Everyone thought that Samuel Jackson movie was a big joke. Well I got news for you people, that movie was less of a film and more of a survival guide for real life situations. Snakes on a plan are very real and now these people in Australia have been heavily affected by them...
Greatest Guy Movie Comedies Of All Time
It's the movies we all quote on regular basis. You know them by hart and even if they get edited for TV, you still watch them anyways. The greatest comedies of all time.
Thanks to a poll of you from Facebook, Twitter, and talking with some of my closets friends - Here now are the Greatest Guy Mo…
Southwest Pilot Leaves Mic On – Goes On Rant NSFW
One thing that you always have to make sure of in broadcasting is that the mic is off if you're not talking on it.  This pilot should have taken a lesson in this because he is in some trouble after leaving it on and going on an offensive rant.
Leslie Nielsen Dies
It's always sad news when anyone dies but especially sad when it is someone who brought laughs to millions time and time again.