Is It Okay For a Guy To Take a Photo With A Babe?
As I've mentioned before, I go to a lot of Q103's concerts. I haven't seen tickets as cheap as some of their shows since...well, before my time, and there's almost always at least one band I firmly believe is better live than any recording, so why not, right?
Why Do People Get On Strippers Cases So Much?
So last week, a coworker of mine shared a link to a relationship advice column. Some chick wrote in, plum tuckered out from trying to figure out what to do about a recent “incident” with her husband. She said prior to “the incident,” she'd trusted her husband “because she was pregnant,” which is jus…
When’s The Last Time You Settled an Argument With Sex?
You know what I'm talking about. That angry, “I could totally knock your head off your shoulders!” sex that reminds you you're alive and your partner is, too, and life is grand. I mean, seriously pissed off, ready to knock each other's teeth out, can't stop swearing at each other...and then suddenly…
Newsflash! Relationships Take Work
A while back, I wrote about the importance of reacting to your partner. In the article, I went off on a short tangent about relationships being hard. That's no joke.
Helping Your Sick Partner Can Go A Long Way
So, I'm sick. I went to bed with a migraine so sharp I almost asked M to take me to the hospital. If you know anything about me at all, you know that I'll avoid going to the doctor at all costs, so that, in and of itself, is proof I'm feeling pretty crappy. Add to that the facts that I'm ridiculousl…
A Relationship Should Not Be A Competition
Humans, being animals, are competitive by nature. There's evidence to suggest that once we behaved as packs of wolves do, fighting amongst ourselves until an alpha emerged and established some semblance of order. The strongest led. The weakest fell in line or died.
Relationship Lacking Excitement?
So you're out somewhere with your partner. You've been there half a dozen times, and you always have a great time. But this time, something's off.
The Way You Argue May Be Killing Your Relationship
When's the last time you got into an argument with your partner? It's okay. Everybody argues. Despite the fairytale standard of “happily ever after,” an argument doesn't, in any way, mean you don't love each other, or you're not right for each oth…

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