The 4 I’s Of Drinking
It's best to post this today because most people start drinking early because the Saint Patrick's Day parade is on the weekend before the actual day, so I am giving you this helpful, free advice, right in the middle of all of it.
The I's of drinking goes like this...
Tyson’s Advice for Rousey
Mike Tyson is arguably the greatest boxer of all time. One loss changed his career, Buster Douglas. In a lot of aspects this is very similar to Ronda Rousey. Here is Tyson's advice.
Jim Harbaugh’s Trick-Or-Treating Tips (Video)
Coach Jim Harbaugh talks about his old trick-or-treating strategy, that will make you think that he is actually the coach of the New England Patriots.
Thanks Jim Harbaugh!
So if you take the Coach's advice, you're not cheating your neighbors out of candy, you're a "go-getter...
Advice For Single Parents: ‘The Little Things’
The little guy is in town, I'm tired, he's up for whatever, and sometimes, I find that hard to believe. But see, I've taken a little time to really see the little things, and man, I get why he's just happy to do whatever.
50 Shades Gives Relationships A Bad Name
So a while back, I wrote about erotica, and how it could be used as a bedroom booster. I made some comments about 50 Shades, despite not having read it, and was called to task by readers.
Well, I've read the first book. I don't hate all of it...
Rayne Reads You
Thanks to the comments, and the fan mail, and the following I've accrued on Twitter (@RayneMillaray – come hang out with me! Unless you get offended by sex talk and swearing. I say the “f word” A LOT.), there is no doubt that you're reading me...
Sexual Harassment At Rock Shows – It Happens, And It Needs To Stop
A while back, M and I went to some show at Upstate Concert Hall. I forget which one. We go to a lot.
Generally speaking, when the place is packed, like it was that night, M holds our spot while I go grab beer. It's a proven fact that women have absolutely no trouble making their way to the front of t…
How To Make Your Relationship Work
On my personal blog (which I'm not going to link here because it's super NSFW, and a little controversial, but you're welcome to Google me if you're interested), I'm working on a list of writing prompts that ask questions about my relationship and my sexuality
Dear Everyone, Stop Stressing Out About Marriage
Awhile back, a friend of mine (let's call her "N" for "naive") was having trouble finding a worthy boyfriend. Part of the problem was that she was very young, and consistently went after the new, shiny fella who walked into her scene, diving headlong into hea…
How To Break Out Of A Sexual Slump
M and I have been in a bit of a slump. Instead of spending our free time hiking, biking, and having sex, we've been watching television and playing video games.
Is It Cool To Ask How Much Money My Date Makes?
After reading my article about e-dating, and the part about listing your job, a friend of mine emailed me to ask about one of the questions that is common on dating sites. It's a question that frustrates me to no end, but almost every dating site (even the ones geared toward kinky folks) gives …

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