Husband Scare Pranks Sleeping Wife While Driving [VIDEO]
This summer, many families will be going on long road trips to a vacation destinations. After many hours on the road, you're mind starts wandering especially if your passenger is sleeping. Watch this video of a husband who while following a towed truck scare pranks his sleeping wife that they …
Here Is How To Not Pull Up To A Gas Pump [VIDEO]
This surveillance camera footage shows someone who clearly has no idea how to drive.  Being that this took place in South Florida, we can only assume that this is an elderly person who can barely see above the steering wheel.
Costa Concordia Accident [VIDEOS]
A real life modern day Titanic. A cruise ship carrying over four thousand people ran aground off the coast of Italy.  Most of those on board were rescued, but there are many still unaccounted for.  After the ship hit rocks, it listed and then flipped on its side trapping passengers.  …

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