70-Year-Old Man Drives Into a Lake, Saved by Two Local Heroes
The Times Union is reporting that around 8:30 Sunday night, 70-year-old Neil Johns from Lake Luzerne lost control of his truck and drove into the water. Luckily, Ryan Swigert, 25, and Charles Allen, 17, were nearby to pull him out of his truck and get him back on to the shore safely.
Dash Cam Video Records Police Officer Saving Woman’s Life
It's not everyday you're riding down the street and you stumble upon an accident involving a vehicle fire. It's also not everyday you stumble upon a video of a police officer doing something awesome. You know how it goes, video shows cop and citizen duking it out, tazing, yadda yadda …
Drunk Driver Plows Into Accident Scene Injuring Several [VIDEO]
Normally, drunk drivers create accident scenes, and in this case, this one did- kinda. Well, not kinda, more like- here's an accident scene, I'm drunk, might as well stop for it by ramming into it thus creating an accident scene on top of an accident scene. Confused? Let me break it down f…

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