ABC Cancels ‘Charlie’s Angels’
After just 4 episodes ABC has decided to cancel the reboot to the 70's female crime series.  It will air the remaining episodes that were filmed but once those have aired, it's over.
News Coverage of September 11, 2001 – Ten Years Later [VIDEO]
We all remember the terrible attacks of 9/11, and we all remember the images from that day.  It was a day where we turned to the news to keep up to date whether you were here in Upstate, NY or in California.  The media captured some of the most heart wrenching footage that I can remember seeing in m…
‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 13 Cast Revealed
Love it or hate it, 'Dancing with the Stars' is one of the biggest money makers on television and one of it's most popular. The latest season is coming up and we are finally getting a look at the cast. As usual it's full of a some winners, some losers and a couple hot chicks fo…
Reality Check For Charlie
Things might finally be getting real for Charlie Sheen.  After days of acting crazy, the Police took away his children late yesterday.
Dancing With The Stars- Season 12 Cast Announced
It's hard to believe that there have already been 11 seasons of the hit television show Dancing with the Stars. Since 2005, dozens upon dozens of celebrities have embraced the stage of CBS's Television City in Hollywood, California, all competing for the winning spot. Now that the cast of season 12 …