a christmas story

How Was Your Holiday? (Video)
Another Christmas has come and gone, I got new socks, a new blanket and a bottle of whiskey, Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?
I also got 11 things from the good folks, here at Q103, it should of been 12, but I was late to the party...
Dan America Christmas Takeover (Videos NSFW)
I've always wanted my own Christmas Special, for the past 4 years, I have forced my Holiday cheer onto the public, by any means necessary, because I am American, and that is how we do it, in America!
Remember that time I saved Christmas?
Remember that time, Bob the 86er and I, saved Seth Rollins.…
Q103 Presents: The 12 Days Of Christmas (Video)
The Q103, 12 Days of Christmas is complete, watch all 12 days in one video, because I took it, in the face, and on top of my head, for you, for America and for Christmas.
The 12th day is a montage of all 12 days, but you can go back in time to see me get hit in the face, or beat in the head, even cho…
What is a Monday Noodle?
A Christmas Story is my favorite holiday movie, but, that does not mean that I have some questions and concerns. Like, have you ever listened closely or put the captions on just so you can try and understand what the father is saying when he is wrestling with the furnace and ask yourself &q…
A Christmas Story CHALLENGE!!!
A Christmas Story is my favorite holiday movie and I have seen it over 1,000 times. Ever since the 24 hours of A Christmas Story Marathon first aired in 1997, others seem to think that they are: The King of Cleveland St. If this is you, then your full of beans and so is your old …
A Christmas Story Vs. Rudolph – Q103 Cage Match
In what was a very exciting final four of our Christmas battles, A Christmas Story and Rudolph have come out as the best Christmas movie and TV special and will now face each other in the final match.  So cast your vote and see who takes home this years crown!