Sully Erna Recovering Nicely After Knee Surgery
After a solo acoustic tour, not to mention gigs with Godsmack including Q-Ruption, Sully Erna has finally found time to repair his knee that he injured while playing a sporting event.  He tweeted pictures of his stint in rehab.
Q-Ruption Listener Shot Live Footage [VIDEO]
I was screwing around on YouTube when I found some great live footage from Q-Ruption this past Friday at SPAC.  If you weren't there then you can enjoy some great video shot by the awesome Q103 listeners!
Q-Ruption Listener Meet & Greet Galleries
Were you lucky enough to meet one of the Q-Ruption performers? If so check out our galleries after the jump and save your photos - or send the link to this article to your friends to show off that you got to meet an artist.
Q-Ruption Band Galleries [PHOTOS]
The only rock festival in the Albany area was a huge success - thanks to everyone who came out to see Q-Ruption at SPAC on Friday night. After the jump check out the galleries of performers Selfish Needy Creatures, Egypt Central, Sick Puppies, Skillet, Five Finger Death Punch, and Godsmack.
Godsmack Smacked Q-Ruption
After 5 bands performed at Q-Ruption, around 10:09pm the SPAC PA system blared AC/DC "For Those About To Rock", the lights went dark and Godsmack took the stage.  Frontman Sully Erna screamed into the mic "We didn't bring any pyro's, no light show, or videos…
Q103 Backstage at Q-Ruption – The Interviews [VIDEO]
Before the artists took the stage to tear it up at Q-Ruption they made a pit stop to our backstage Q103 studio at SPACto sit down and chat with Mrozek and hang out a little before the big show.  After the jump check out some great interviews from Skillet, The Sick Puppies and Sully Erna of Gods…
Q103 Q-Ruption Set Times
Be ready for a Q-Ruption! The summer's only rock festival is Friday August 19th at SPAC starring Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Skillet, Sick Puppies, Egypt Central plus local band Play for the Stage winner: Selfish Needy Creatures. The parking lot opens at 4pm, gates are at 5pm. What tim…
Hoping For Dry Weather at Q-Ruption
It looks like the weather here in the Albany area is going to be filled with looming rain.  Fingers are crossed right now though that things dry out for Friday at Q-Ruption.
Top 5 Godsmack Singles – Dru’s Picks
I could have gone with top 5 albums or videos, but I went with singles in the hopes that Sully will take an interest in little ole Dru and indulge my need to hear these live when they come to town for Q-Ruption next week.  Let us begin.

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