The stars have aligned and all the worlds children will dance together for one glorious moment on March 27th, as Taco Bell realizes our collective dreams. Third meal, fourth meal, and other halfling eating habits will now be properly observed, as Taco Bell will soon be serving breakfast.

Feast your eyes on the Waffle Taco, the Breakfast Burrito, the A.M. Crunchwrap and more, cause your stomach is going to have to wait til March 27th for the new breakfast menu. Luckily we think you'll be able to order ahead with the Taco Bell App.

Most of the Q jocks agree, we will actually wake up early enough to head over and try this, although if they could only have rolled this out a little sooner, I have the feeling they would have made a killing on this tomorrow, Happy Parade Day!

(Note: I spent far more time than any person should searching for the Taco Bell Breakfast commercial. In lieu of that, here is a song about our feelings)