After watching this news cast I feel like me and these Australian dudes would be the best of friends. We already have so much in common, we both love to drink and we love bad ass penguins.

I’ve herd this old wise tale over and over through out the years. A school goes to the zoo for a filed trip and some quite crazy kid ends up stealing a penguin and smuggling it out in his back pack. As many times as I wanted to believe the story I know it’s just not real. Not like that wake up in the bath tub full of ice with out your kidneys story, now that shit is real! However, this pretty legit news cast from Australia leaves me no choice but to believe that these guys actually lived the dream one drunken night.

Being in sea world with out having to pay the cover is pretty awesome on its own. But then these dudes strip down and jump into the dolphin tank? First off I’d be afraid I was to drunk to tell a dolphin from a shark so maybe id pass on that one. But then these guys do the smartest thing and take a super awesome animal home with them. Ever since I was in the 3rd grade and read Poppers penguins I have wanted to hang out with a penguin. And until last month that has been just boyish dreams. But these guys took it a step further, my penguin friends have never been to my apartment. Touché Australia, touché!


Check out the time i played with penguins... sadly i was not drunk. Rats!