Add another annoying term to spending time on the web - Cyberloafing.

What is it? According to a study by the University of Kansas, 60% to 80% of the time an employee spends on the web at work has nothing to actually do with their job.

Surprised by this?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

In fact they don't even surprise Human Resources Recruiter for Randstand Staffing Leslie Martin: “Those numbers don’t surprise me at all. We’re in a world where people are always connected… why would that change when they go to work.”

Some companies have restrictions on can be seen on the web but the study says that isn't enough. Some people who oppose the restrictions say it that they lower work morale because it make the employee feel like they have no freedom at work.

Did that make sense to you? Me neither. You are hired to do a job, not play on the internet all day. Do you job and who knows, a raise might be coming your way - novel idea, I know.

The worst time of the year for productivity is the NFL Football season, more time is lost by employers during the regular season due to fantasy football then any other time of the year.

Martin says, “I think it's all about setting your expectations and following through with them. At that point an employee should determine if that's the type of employee they want to work for… if an employer is too tough it's because they have to be.”

What does Martin think in regards of the previous morale and restrictions statement? "Morale is something you're going to get regardless if you have access to certain websites. 10 years ago it was magazines and books that were taking over the office… it will always be something.”

We live in such a cyber dominated world now that people feel they have the "right" to be online at anytime they want and no one can say anything about it. Once again, you're at work - do your job. Thankfully for me, my job requires me to surf the net but I do it in relation to my job. I look up stories for my air shift, things to post on twitter/facebook, etc. It what I was hire to do.

If your job doesn't require you to look up cat memes, they don't do it or feel as though your employer is being too tough on you for blocking your access to it.