As I told you a few months ago, DC Comics is doing a complete relaunch to most of their major characters.  Superman is also going back to the beginning, and we are talking Smallville people.

DC Comics is doing an unthinkable as far as comic books go.  They are starting from scratch.  I touched on this in a past blog, but now we are getting even closer to relaunch.  They are starting to share more artwork online, and this is a look at the cover of Action Comics #1, which will hit comic book shops everywhere coming this September.

As you can tell, Superman looks a bit different.  Not much, but from what I have been reading they are going way back for these stories.  For instance, he won't have the trademark suit at first and they are totally ditching the red underwear.

When asked about it, DC Comics writer Grant Morrison said that they wanted him to look more like a regular guy fighting for regular people.  I think it translates well.  Still, a pretty ballsy move to go in a start over with characters like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.

So keep an eye out for the band new line of DC Comics that will hit shelves in September.  I think I am going to read at least a few of these.