The part of Martha Kent was revealed earlier today and it looks like Diane Lane will be playing the part of Superman's adoptive mother.

The next Superman movie is well in the works.  They have now cast the role of Martha Kent, and the honor goes to Oscar Nominated actress Diane lane. She is one of my hottest actresses over 40, and will most definitely be the hottest mother Kent in the characters history. Who knew Superman's mom would be a  milf?

Director of the film Zach Snyder said that this was a very important part to cast since Martha Kent played such a big role in making Superman into the hero he is.  He feels that Diane Lane is the perfect fit for the role and is excited that she will took the part and he will be working with her.

She joins Henry Cavill, who was cast has Clark Kent/Superman in the film.  It is slated for a December 2012 release date.