This Sunday marks a television battle that not everyone is aware of. This Sunday it is the Super Bowl vs the Puppy bowl. Which one will you be watching?

Now before you go and click Super Bowl in a blind fit of football rage, hear me out. I think most people are rather bias when it comes to the puppy bowl. I don’t know why, perhaps you’re a cat person. Well, if that’s the case, you’ll love the kitty half time show. Now I know the super bowl is the biggest football game of the year and it has a electric vibe that no other contest can even compare too. But, the puppy bowl is downright adorable. It was once said by a wise man, “If Hitler got a glimpse of the puppy bowl, than he would have invaded Poland only to deliver an adorable puppy to every citizen”. And who wouldn’t have wanted that! Mass Genocide? No way! If the puppy bowl was around for Hitler to see, we would be reading about mass sleepy puppy yawns in our history books. I’m talking puppy yawns so cute that it will make you want to pee your pants. Long story short, the “Puppy Bowl” can change the world!

So before you click super bowl take a second to watch the video below of the improvements to this year’s puppy bowl.