Thanks to twitter we now know what celebs are thinking when they think it. Here are what was being said during the Super Bowl.

What was said during the black out:

Jimmy Fallon: Beyonce literally killed it at the Super Bowl.

Justin Timberlake: #Blackout #Momentumshift

Alec Baldwin: It wouldn’t be N’awlins if the power didn’t go out…..

Carson Daly: NFL Need F’ing Lights

Michael Strahan: Someone needs to tell neworleans you can have hamsters running wheels to generate the neccessary power. They eventually get tired.

Matthew Perry: I hope someone wrote down the score…

Kirstie Alley: Get those Zippos out.. light up that field baked hippies

Jeremy Piven: #Beyoncegate sucked all the power out yet we are back up here in NOLA!

Tom Bergeron: 49ers just unleashed their “Blow a Fuse” strategy!

David Spade: Overheard 9 ‘ers coach say can we start over. #nfl

Bob Saget: You know what’d be great right now, if the sprinklers went off.

Neil Patrick Harris: Thanks goodness the lights are back on and the game has resumed. It’s a real nail biter.

Steve Martin: Teams returning to field after facials and pedicures.

Gary Shandling: I nominate the stadium lights for MVP.

Dax Shepard: I sure hope none of the cheerleaders were mid-aerial when that blackout occurred.

What Free Beer and Hot Wings had to say:

FreeBeer&HotWings:Already annoyed by the upcoming God talk from Ray Lewis. We get it.

FreeBeer&HotWings ‏:Baltimore should turn the power back off. Ray's friends could take a stab at it. Fb

FreeBeer&HotWings ‏:Paul Harvey: "the farmer's outlook was bleak after the drought. His family ate the Clydesdale that Bud didn't buy." Fb

FreeBeer&HotWings ‏:"Shit" -Alex Smith. Hw

FreeBeer&HotWings :Thanks to that RAM commercial, I now know that you can shoe a horse with a chunk of tire. #wellaintthatsomethin. Hw

FreeBeer&HotWings ‏:Is Ray Lewis in Gwar? Fb

FreeBeer&HotWings ‏:"They call this guy the swiss army knife". #notheydont

FreeBeer&HotWings ‏:Ha...and FB went to bed.

FreeBeer&HotWings ‏:Not in bed. Fb

FreeBeer&HotWings ‏I will drink any beer that's good enough to be sung to by a fish. #anotherstupidcommercial. Hw

FreeBeer&HotWings:These analysts are fascinating. #notheyarenot

Everything else:

Snooki: I'm ready for the game! Or for the festivities. Lol.

Miley Cyrus: You know the puppy bowl is killing me softly. Cuteness overload.

Bar Refaeli: OMG. 100 million people saw my @GoDaddy Super Bowl ad w/ @DanicaPatrick! What do you think of #TheKiss?

Emma Watson: Guy friend : 'Ok - what do you know about the Super Bowl?' Me : 'well I've watched the Blind Side ?'

ESPN: On a scale of one to crazy, this game is OUTRAGEOUS.

Dane Cook: I hope you all liked my Superbowl commercial. Fun. I played talking fire a shy alien, classic hollywood tycoon & futuristic rapper.