A find like this $41,000 couch is the only way to even out the frustrations that come with attending college. You spend all day going to school, over-paying for a subpar education you cannot afford, you live in a crappy apartment or dorm and you eat the worst food. Going to college is a lot like paying to be a smart homeless person with a swipe card.

A few students of SUNY New Paltz almost had their ticket to Easy Street when they bought a “new” couch for their stinky apartment. They paid $20 for a used sofa only to discover that hidden inside was the yearly income of what their lackluster educations would someday bring them. It was kind of a nice foreshadow for the rest of their lives. You sleep on a stinky old couch now, and some day you can make $40,000 a year!

The craziest thing about this story is, according to Daily Mail, the students did not spend this money. Instead of dividing it up amongst each other and paying off a semester of school, they chose a different route. The New Paltzers … or New Paltzies? Whatever you call them... decided to track down the previous owners and return the cash.

I do not blame these students one bit on this move. Sure, maybe 16 years ago if I found a buttload of cash, I wouldn’t think twice about claiming it and making it my own. But now that I am older, I know better. If there is a bunch of money somewhere chances are it belongs to some shady business. You take that money and sooner or later you are going to end up naked on an uncharted island being hunted by David Copperfield and his rich, blood-thirsty magician friends. You’re better off just walking away or finding the rightful owner.