"Summer Fridays" are literally a real thing! (Who knew)

What is it? Well, during the summer and it's nice out on a Friday - you can leave work early to enjoy it. The forecast for today is Sunny with a high of 92 degrees!

If you, like me, are not fortunate enough to enjoy such an amazing idea - tell you boss today about it. He'll probably laugh at you and tell you to "go back to work" but at least you tried!

If I had the option of "Summer Friday", here's what I would be doing starting around lunch time!

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    Liquid Lunch

    I know, I know - The Liquid Lunch is our request show at noon but I would start off my 'Summer Friday' with a nice plate of boneless wings (medium sauce) and several tall glasses of beer on the patio of any of the fine bars in Albany.

    Katie O'Byrne's, Facebook
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    Thatcher Park

    Next, let's take a hike around Thatcher Park. Might be a walk through paths or just chilling at a picnic table enjoying the view.

    Flickr: Doug Kerr
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    Sightseeing Tour On The River

    What better way to enjoy the sun setting than a frosty cold beverage & seeing the amazing sights of Albany on a boat on the river

    The Dutch Apple
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    Stewart's Ice Cream

    To finish out the evening, I'd hit a Stewart's a scoop or two of their amazing Ice Cream. Philly Vanilla is my personal favorite