Last week we reported that your May bill from National Grid could be raised as much as $30 due to a colder than normal March. Now comes a warning that your bill could greatly increase over the summer months.

The Public Service Commission, who oversees the electric and gas industries, met recently to discuss energy prices for this summer.

This is where the even worse news comes in for those struggling to payoff their pricey bills from the winter... Prices are expected to jump to rates higher than last summer.

The hikes in prices, according to PSC, shouldn't be as high as we saw over the winter months but weather is a key factor in all of this.

Audrey Zibelman, chair of PSC, spoke with News10:

It's something that we'll look at as we work with the utilities as well as other retailers in the market to see how can we protect consumers against this type of price volatility and price increases.

Consider this precautionary warning so there won't be as much 'sticker shock' when your bill hits your mailbox.