The Summer is finally here!  It's warm, and we want a flavorful beer that is going to be a bit more refreshing.  The Brooklyn Brewery gets us started on Summer ales.

There is nothing like sitting outside in the warm weather and enjoying a tasty brew.  Whether you're having some alone time or hanging out with friends, it's important to select the perfect beer.  With all the Summer Ales on the market, we decided to start exploring the options.

Brooklyn Brewery was our first stop, and what a stop it was.  Their Summer ale is an awesome combination of flavor and refreshment.  A great beer flavor, without being too heavy.  Perfect for any cook out or outdoor adventure of any kind.  You can get in both cans and bottles, but I recommend the can.  It tastes more crisp coming out of the can.

So when you are looking for a Summer ale, look for this one from Brooklyn.  Drink up though, because it's only brewed through July.  Cheers!