We all love to sink our teeth into a hot juicy burger, but too much red meat can be bad for you.  Instead, try some ground turkey and save money while you cut calories.

The debate between whether or not ground turkey is actually better for you than ground beef has been going on forever.  While some varieties are similar, if you buy lean, you can't go wrong.  Now, that doesn't mean you shouldn't cut red meat from your diet completely, and you need some of its nutrients, like iron and what not.

If you are looking for some tasty burgers and other things that would normally use ground beef, then a good, lean ground turkey burger will help you cut some calories, and save you money- and it won't lack on flavor, either.  As someone who loves to grill, turkey burgers are a great substitute for regular burgers.  Also, incorporating turkey into your chili is a good move as well.

Most recently I have taken to meatballs with ground turkey, and it's worked out pretty well.  Pair that with some whole grain pasta and you have yourself a killer meal with all the taste, and you can feel little better after leaving the dinner table.

These days you can find a healthy turkey option for just about anything.  For breakfast you can get some turkey sausage or turkey bacon.  The sausage is pretty similar to regular sausage so it's not a hard to sneak that in without someone noticing.  Turkey bacon on the other hand has a different flavor and texture, but its still very good.  If you go into it thinking 'this isn't bacon' then you'll be all set.

For more ground turkey information, you can check out this blog at Athletic foodie, and even get some cool recipes as well.