A new study shows that people hating Mondays is based on "tribal instincts."  Don't worry, I'm scratching my head too.

According to a new study by Marmite, the stereotypical hatred of Mondays among people has existed practically since the dawn of time and is rooted in our DNA.  Clinical Psychologist Alex Gardner claims that we're only ready to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty after we've finished socializing in the break room.  He says tribal bonding is necessary to feel "part of the tribe" after a weekend concludes.  He sums it up best by saying that we're basically a culture of "cavemen in city suits."

Here's some of what the study found:
1 - Most people won't smile until after 11am. (<-- I'm guilty)
2 - Most people will show up to work late 50% of the time.
3 - People aged 45-54 complain 12 minutes longer on average than others.
4 - During the day, people will only achieve a total of 3.5 hours of doing actual work.  (As opposed to Peter Gibbon's 15 minutes of actual, real work in a given day).

Some solutions (a.k.a. the best part)
1 - Watch TV
2 - Have sex
3 - Shop on-line (anyone figures out how to do this at work without getting caught, you let me know)
4 - Buy chocolate or make-up

5 - Plan a vacation

Any one else out there have any tips on curing a case of the Mondays?