This seems like a win- win idea, offer free sex or one night stands to stressed out female students and it could help improve their grades with an active sex life.   Three students in Germany are offering this free Call boy service at the University of Mannheim.   My roommates and I had this idea when I was in college but it just didn't seem to take off.  Would you try this service? Vote now

Three students who go by the names Oskur, Christopher, and Julius created this free brothel idea after a drunken night last fall.  They started plastering posters around campus with a statement "Good Grades through Good Sex".

We are focusing on female students in particular, because they generally come out badly after one-night stands, What's more, girls who just want to have some fun are often labeled as sluts

So far the idea is working and they have received many emails that want more information.   To which they reply; many students during exams get too stressed out and wont go out at night.  This leads their sex lives to languish.   Armed with knowledge that physical activity bring health benefits the three men are more than happy to offer support and help de-stress.

The way it works, should a female after becoming drained and tired in the library they are encouraged to send a email. Then one of the three men will meet with them, if circumstances are right, the evening will end with sex.

The men claim they have received 82 messages with 5 resulting in a sexual encounter. They always meet at the student cafe to have a beer and see if circumstances are right, the men reserve the right to withdraw their service should a girl's appearance be unpromising.

One women who refused to give her name and has used the service stated.  "It was a classic scenario, we had beers, chatted and then went to his place for the rest of the night"   Foreplay and breakfast the next day are also offered for extra price.

So basically its a One Night Stand service just a better marketed one and reminds me of Risky Business.

We want to know If this service was offered at a Albany college would you use it?