It’s about time they stopped using the “R” word. Wait, what’s the “R” word? Is it Rope? Route-canal? Rock-sucker?

Ohhhh “R” word = “Retarded”. Now I get it these students in Maine are going to stop using that “R” word in a derogatory way. Yeah that’s a nice thing to do. I say go for it!

However, I’m sort of torn on this approach. By what I’ve seen in this video is they are making a giant event out of this. Why are we having an assembly and festival about this? There are a lot of terrible terrible words that degrade people, but you don’t usually have to sign a pledge to know not to use them. You slip up and use it as a child then someone takes you aside and scolds you with curse words and empty threats warning you never to use it again. There case solved, no one says harmful things to others anymore and no one get embarrassed.

PS: once this word is removed from the “derogatory words” list can we go back to using it the way it was meant? Like can I start saying “My fireman jacket is totally flame retarded”? Or am I completely miss using it still? I can’t win!