You have to give up to the ladies working hard for your money at a Gentlemen's Club. They dance all night on creepy guys, not that you or I are in that group, in hopes of making a couple bucks from a private dance.

In Juneau, Wisconsin two dancers got into it over a single dollar bill! Ages 19 and 23, the girls began the brawl when a guy tipped one of the girls and the other thought she had worked harder to get the single.

It was a knock down, drag out brawl as reports say the girls punched and slapped each other on stage - Heck, even hair was pulled. It took several other dances and a few patrons of the club to break the fight up before cops were called.

Both strippers were charged disorderly conduct, which in the long term will cost them both more then that single dollar would ever be worth.

Two things:

1. All this over a single frickin' dollar?

2. I would've love to have been there just to watch the mayhem happen.

Working for a Rock Station, I've been to a strip club or two in my time and seen how the girls talked trash, even give dirty looks to one another. It's a dog eat dog world and they each are working hard for that money. It's almost like a competition in some cases to them. It must have been a slow night for a fight to break out over a single dollar though.