Sign me up please! This form of therapy doesn't involve tests, mental probes or PhD's trying to get to the root of your problems while making $100+ an hour. All you have to do is lie in a coffin for fifteen minutes and feel your troubles pass away.

Don't worry, you will be fully alive and aware the whole time in your choice of an open or closed casket. The down side is in order to take advantage of this awesome time you'd have to travel to the Ukraine and you might have to pay a small sum, but it sounds like it really pays off:

After a hard working day you can come in and just relax -- it's great. You go home in a completely different mood, Anna Petrukhina, 51, said.

The mastermind behind this is coffin maker Stepan Piryanyk of Truskavets, Ukraine. He came up with the idea of the morbid therapy by telling the story of when he and his family made a casket couch for his grandmother's apartment.

You lay down on it in the evening and slowly get used to eternity, he said.

Watch the video advertising the therapy:


Would you try coffin therapy, given the chance? Why or why not?

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