God bless the people that work at hotels as the cleaning team. No matter where there, be it a truck stop hotel or even the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. I can only imagine the crazy, disgusting things found while cleaning. Travelodge in the UK has compiled a list of these things and you might not even believe some of them.

The chain released this list that featured everything from winning lotto tickets to living sea creatures. Spokesperson for Travelodge, Shakila Ahmed, said that "each year our lost and found departments provide plenty of revelations."

Books are some of the more popular items left behind, last year alone over 20,000 books were left behind. Of those, 7,000 were copies of "50 Shades of Grey." They've even found very expensive things like a diamond encrusted I-Phone and a winning Euromillions lotto tickets.

On the stranger side of the spectrum - a micro pig, a pantomime horse, a trunk full of chocolate bars, an 8-ft pop up spray tan booth, a bucket of live crabs, and even breast implants (yes - breast implants).