This was presented as some breaking news from our friends in New Jersey, but is it really?

Apparently there have been some strange smells over parts of New Jersey.  Haven't there always been strange smells over NJ though?  The whole state just has a strange grime all over the place.  Hardly some breaking news.

Maybe the people of NJ are just finally catching a whiff of what we have all been smelling for years.  The smell wafts up, through NYC and right into our nostrils in Albany.  A mix between hot garbage, Bruce Springsteen sweat and ocean.  It's not such a pleasant aroma.

We are able to stomach it though so we can hit up the beach.  We also like to take the occasional trip to White Castle as well.  New State slogan for NJ.  'The Butt Of The Nation'.

In all seriousness though, here is a real news story about an odd small over New Jersey.

[Via NJ 101.5]