Growing up, remember having to take permission slip forms home to your parents so you can join your friends on a school field trip? Most times it was just saying that the teachers would board you on a bus, take you to "x" location for "x" event" followed by lunch at "x" fast food place. This permission slip, recently posted on Reddit, takes it to all new heights of stupid.

Imgur: r/WTF

Parents have become so uptight that now in a perform slip, they must be warned of the "hazards" of being in nature including wet or dirty shoes, clothes, etc.

The Imgur user simply captioned the picture by saying

I just had to sign this permission slip for my kids' school. There are no words...

She would later comment on the photo:

I get that they were trying to be funny, I really do. The sad thing is, they were trying to be funny and cover their own ass at the same time. To me, the true WTF is that schools today need to find funny, tactful ways to warn parents that kids will be kids during the school year.

Sad isn't it? One teacher posted a comment of how on one trip a mother dressed her child up in expensive clothes and got mad that their precious snowflake returned dirty.

I remember a parent coming to pick her daughter up from playgroup, and got pissy with us (the staff) because her £60 [$78] shoes were scuffed and dirty, and her £50 [$65] shorts were muddy. We simply said "We allow the kids to play outside, under supervision. We suggest you take a visit to Primark, or put her in old clothes you don't mind getting dirty".

She didn't listen and sent her in the next day in a £200 [$260] dress (this child was 3!) and yelled at us when she had paint on it.

So maybe this layout on the permission slip wasn't a joke and serious due to parents like this? If that is the case, the parents are an even bigger joke the possible good-nature intentions behind the form.