Let's face it.  You need your coffee.  How awesome would it be if getting your morning coffee also meant doing something good?  Sounds like a great combination.  Albany area Dunkin Donuts have teamed with the MDA to raise money, and awareness.

It's always nice to be able to help out the needy.  Now, when you stop by an Albany area Dunkin Donuts, you have that opportunity.  MDA spokesperson Piper Allport told CBS6 that that over 100 area D&D's are participating in this, and how you can help is simple.

You purchase a mobile for $1, and get a coupon for a Dunkin Donuts sandwich in the process.  All the proceeds from the fundraising goes to the local MDA, which will fund research and awareness for people with MD, ALS and other muscular diseases.  With over 100 stores participating, it will be easy to give back a little bit.

The program is called 'Make a Muscle, Make a Difference', and it runs April 8-18.

[Via CBS6]