October 8th is right around the corner and that means the release of Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington's first-ever EP "High Rise".

Back in May, STP took the stage at the KROQ Weenie Roast to debut the new line-up featuring the Linkin Park frontman in a "long term" role as lead vocalist. Shortly thereafter, a new song emerged from the collaboration called "Out Of Time".

Questions began to rise if there would be a full album or just songs from time to time released from the new version of STP. Those questions were answered when news broke about a new EP entitled "High Rise" would be released on October 8th featuring a 5 song set from the group.

In recent interview with Fuse, Bennington talked why they went with releasing an EP versus a full album:

I think that's one of the reasons why we're so eager to get the EP out, because we want people to hear the new direction and feel the vibe of the new music. Because there's definitely a vibe in that EP that is fresh and it's new but it still feels very STP.

"When we started writing, the ideas came so fast; every single day, it semed like there was four or five things that we were all bringing in and contributing in terms of new songs. We could have easily spent three more months on this thing and had a full-length record out. There's enough material there for us to do that and start getting into the next one. So in terms of the amount of creativity that's been going on, it's very healthy.

Today marks the release of the second song from that EP entitled "Black Heart". Which you hear right now: