The music world just keeps receiving bad news. In addition to the loss of Beastie Boys co-founding member Adam Yauch to cancer, Corey Taylor-fronted quartet Stone Sour has announced that their bassist Shawn Economaki has parted ways with the band.

As some of you might have heard but I'll confirm it: Shawn Economaki is no longer with Stone Sour. We wish him luck in the future.

This was a statement made by Taylor via his Twitter account, confirming that the rumors of Economaki's departure were in fact true.

Yesterday, guitarist Jim Root posted a picture of the band in the recording studio, sans Economaki, and attached the following message:

Shawn is no longer with us. A lot has happened in the past year… We need to move forward and [there will] be more detail when the time is right. He's still a great friend and we're in touch. But for now we have a mystery dude that shreds filling in for the studio.

Although the split happened rather bluntly, it could've been foreseen, as this isn't the first time the bassist left the band. Back in April of 2011, he left during the peak of the Avalanche Tour in order to deal with supposed personal issues. "He was then temporarily replaced by Jason Christopher, who has since joined Sebastian Bach's touring band."

Despite the band's setback, it will not affect the scheduled release of their fourth studio album. It will still be hitting stores in October, and even though there is a chosen title, Taylor has decided to not give it away just yet, but says that he has formulated a rather ambitious concept for the record.

It's a pretty grandiose idea that I've been kind of chewing on for a long time,
and if we can pull it off, it'll be really, really cool, he said. It'll probably be the biggest thing that we've ever done in our career. Artistically, visually, like, I mean, we're gonna swing for the fences with this one, and it's gonna put a lot of people in their place.

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What do you think of Economaki's departure from Stone Sour?